Have a question about our services? Check out some of our answers below!

As everything we do is customized to each client, pricing* will vary dependent upon everything from location to color to item design. We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients from the beginning to be sure that we understand their vision. We also take care in understanding client budgets and offer suggestions based on that important aspect. Please be open to sharing your balloon budget and your interests, and we will work diligently with you to make it happen!

*Pricing, like any other product, is subject to change based on availability, cost, labor, etc. While we always aim to bring high-quality product and services with affordability to our clients in a timely manner, we must also be mindful of our livelihood in our business. We are grateful to all of our clients, new and existing, who take this into consideration.

We party all the time! However, there are some dates and times where we will be unavailable due to already scheduled events, both professional and personal.

Currently, for 2021, the following dates will be closed for business (our “blackout dates”) or we are currently completely booked or at max capacity for the day:

– Monday, August 16th thru 21st

– Sunday, September 26th

– Monday, October 18th thru 20th

– Saturday, November 20th

– Thursday, November 26th (Thanksgiving) 

– Saturday, December 25th (Christmas Day)

Closures for 2022

– January 22nd – 28th

COVID19 Closures: should our state and local government mandate a closure of nonessential businesses, we will adhere to the closure until the mandate has been lifted.

All events are on a first come, first served basis. We encourage all clients to reach out to us as soon as you set your event date so that we can try to accommodate you, even if it is months in advance. The best place to get started is to click “Contact” above, where we will ask you basic information to see if we are a good fit for you.

We purchase high quality, decorating-grade balloons from trusted balloon distributors throughout the United States.

At this time, we do not inflate balloons that are not provided by us as we cannot guarantee their quality nor can we replace with extra on site should the product fail. This includes both foil and latex balloons.

No, we do not offer this service. We recommend that you contact a local gas distributor in your area for more information.

Yes, we would be happy to meet with you! We conduct our on-site or other location meetings between 9-4 Monday through Friday*. We are happy to speak with you via phone should you be unavailable during this timeframe. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for scheduled client events and family time.

*Due to COVID19, in-person consultation and site-visits are limited unless the event design calls for such meeting. We have and continue to successfully plan with our clients remotely and virtually. 

Since we do not have a brick-and-mortar location, we offer delivery only.

While we are headquartered in Murfreesboro/Middle Tennessee, we can travel beyond this area, even accommodating clients in other states! If we can’t serve you, we are happy to connect you to another reputable balloon professional who will.

Yes, we are. We can even provide our clients with a COI upon request.

The heat, cold, wind, rain, and all other outdoor elements can have an affect the longevity of balloon decor, latex and foil balloons alike. We will do our utmost for the decor to be perfect for your vision, but we cannot guarantee any specific length of time that balloons will be sustainable in outdoor environments. We will discuss this with you in detail as we develop your balloon plan.

As long as they are in a temperature-controlled environment and are not subject to high-traffic contact, some of our air-filled balloon work has been reported to last for over a month!

As a member of PEBA USA (Pro Environment Balloon Alliance USA), we have pledged to NOT be a participant in any sort of release of balloons into the atmosphere. In addition, Tennessee Code Annotated 68-101-108 includes limitations and penalties on such activities. Once helium-filled balloons are delivered into the hands of the client, it is the client’s responsibility to use and dispose of properly. All helium balloons will be delivered attached to a weight so that they will not float away, along with a care card for you to review in order to maximize the life of your balloon delivery.

In an effort to serve our communities, we only offer a discount to churches, schools, and nonprofits so long as the entity can provide a completed and valid tax exemption form. We also – on occasion – offer other discount opportunities for our clients. Please check our social media for these announcements.

Marketing and collaboration is done once or twice a year on a first-come first-serve basis and if it is a good fit for our message, company, time, and product. 

We stick to what we know best. If you need to be connected to a company who provides services beyond ours, we will be happy to refer you to our many partners within the industry you are seeking who will serve you well and with whom we have worked with side-by-side for many years.